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Brilliant episode

Brilliant episode

I would love to follow more (Hodor-centric, preferably) GOT blogs, so please talk to me/like this post, and I’ll check out your blog and follow. Being new and all that I’m absolutely alone. But then again, so is Hodor, in many ways… 


I think the best thing about Hodor is that all he says is “hodor” but that isnt even his name you know

My theory is that he’s actually saying “Other” like The Others, and he’s been trying to warn people all of his life that The Others are coming because he saw it in a dream when he was in the womb or when he was a baby or something, and since nobody is listening he just keeps saying it 


just hoping 


And, secretly, Hodor is smarter than any maester - he just doesn’t have the ability to be the true genius that he is inside. It’s a sad, giant battle. 

I want a Hodor spin-off.